Starting today at 5-6 I will not have internet acess for a few days. On monday I will write two posts. Over the weekend keep at your goals, spend a little time on yourself and have fun!



Lately I’ve been having weird dreams. Last night I dreamed that I was in wood shop class with friends that I had in Junior high and we were talking about prom. Then I went prom dressing in a Halloween store. I have no idea what this dream means. Usually I have some insight to my dreams but this one has left me feeling confused. They say that dreams are representations of all the thoughts and ideas you face in your waking life. Maybe my dream is asking me how much have I really changed since I was in Junior high or what do events like prom mean to me? Ahhh! Talk about being stumped.

I do like interpreting dreams, its something that has always fascinated me. But lately my dreams have been so off from the norm and have really been confusing me. Anyways dreams can help us with goals believe it or not. Get into an “If you can dream it, you can achieve it” type of attitude today. Honestly. Try to interpret your dreams and if you can’t ask questions about your dream that you might have an answer to. Use these interpretations to evaluate what is going on in your head.

Goals are also a lot like dreams. They are! Almost all of them are on a personal level and they are all possible. So whether you dreamed of flying over the Eiffel tower or running through a field wearing only socks know that your dreams in real life are achievable, and less weird than in your unconscious. Today go for your goals, go for your real life dreams. They are achievable and they are worth it! Don’t dream of weight loss or a promotion, work for it and live the dream. You will be satisfied and proud of yourself.

Sing your heart out

As a child I was always fascinated by sound. I played and still do play drums, piano, saxophone, and guitar. I loved the song choices found in movies, in park concerts, and I loved creating my own music out of anything I could use. Pots and Pans anyone?

As I turned into a tween I developed that love of music and found different genres and my parents always played music in the car. My grandparents sung to me always. I grew up loving music. Music has aided me through heart break, through work, through success, through any and all life experiences. I love music and I love finding new thing I can relate to. My love of music has long reached into my adulthood.

I love to sing as well. I’ve learned through career and personal experience that many and most adults and teens do not like to sing. They like music but they will flat out refuse to sing. Even hum. This bums me out because I am a song bird. I sing when I clean, when I shower, when I’m in the car, and whenever I can. Why? Some people have cigarettes, I have song. It relaxes me, puts me in a certain mood, makes me feel better and what not.

Today sing. You can sing loud and proud in front of your children or even quietly in the shower to yourself. Sing! Sing! Sing! Release your inner song bird. Music connects everyone in the world together. No matter what language you speak or even if your deaf, rhythm, patterns and pitch all brings us together.

As you work on your goals today consider music. You can play song upbeat songs during a workout or some relaxing music as you meditate. Music can help you complete your goals to their fullest and with some joy. Listen to great music while you grow as a person, two birds in one stone!

You can learn about the origin of karaoke here!  http://karaokescene.com/history/

Read this blogger’s thoughts about music and how it connects us… http://mindbodythoughts.blogspot.com/2009/01/music-connects-us.html

This incite of “music and your personality” left me laughing and slightly considered about my personality… http://www.howaboutwe.com/date-report/1610-what-your-taste-in-music-says-about-you-on-a-date/#

Want to get a date? Read this French Study… http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/music-and-you/201007/all-you-need-is-love-or-any-other-romantic-tune

Redefining your goals

Why is loosing weight or becoming more productive (insert your goal here) important for you? For me if I loose weight I will feel less self conscious and have more energy. Being more productive will help me increase my motivation and not feel so dam lazy all the time. Today redefine your goals.  Why are your goals important to you?

Here are some things to think about:

How will I feel if I don’t complete my goal?

How will I feel if I accomplish my goal?

What does this goal mean to me?

If I accomplish my goal, how will it benefit me?

Is my goal safe?

Is my goal sane?

What other ways can I reach my goal?

By redefining your goals you personalize them, making them yours!

Today redefine your goals so you feel more motivated to keep going at them or change them to better fit your needs.

Clearing Space

Day #2 of your goals! I am excited that I am closer to becoming more productive and losing some weight before the Holidays hit but to be honest I couldn’t get out of bed this morning. I didn’t wake up refreshed and in a good mood. I feel groggy, oily and irritated. So I decided to clear up some space.

Here are some things you can do to clear psychical and mental space that may be slowing you down:

1. Pick up around your room. Freshen it up with some lovely Natural Room Scents.

2. Take a shower or bath that leaves you feeling So Fresh So Clean. Want cheaper Dove soap? Check out Coupon Cabin for some deals.

3. Does your home feel less like a spacious place and more like a closed in parking lot? Learn how to create more space.

4. Learn how to breathe right. Breathing properly can reap many benefits which include healthier skin, happier mood, clearer thinking and more!

5. Improve your mood! Think positive think flowers! Flowers symbolize different things. What flowers are your favorite, what do they say about you?

6. ‘Tis the Season for joy, happiness and love… So why are you down? Write a list of 5 reasons (yes I know there might be more but bear with me) why you are down, Then write or think up 10 solid reasons why you should be happy. If you are still down turn on your radio and listen to happy holiday music. Listen to 

and smile!

7. Pray and Paint. Pray to feel at ease with clutter and paint to take yourself away from mental clutter. Here are the basics of painting.

8. Computer Space is one of the simplest yet seems like the hardest place to clear space. Go through your bookmarks and decided what you really need. Go through your pictures and documents, do you need everything? Here is another way to clear up space on your computer.

9. I almost forgot! Try to clean up your diet. Watch Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead to see this many’s journey to healthier lifestyle. It will inspire you to eat better and clear space in your gut.

Try out any of these ways to clear space. Clearing Space is essential for goal progress. Our bodies are like machines and we need to constantly monitor them and clear space for them to work efficiently. Today try to find ways to clear space so you’re not so grumpy and feel more motivated to fulfill your goals.



What do you think of when you hear the word Transformation? Do thoughts like cocoon to butterfly, metamorphosis of cells, water bears, etc. fill your head? Does the thought of teen to adult provoke a memory of how your looks have changed or others have changed as they aged? What is a transformation to you? For me it is simply this, change. Some people fear change others embrace it but whether you want it or not change is evident in all of our lives. No matter how much we prepare or how much we pray for no change, change will occur. So why fear change when we can use it as fuel? Today I want you to use Transformation (change) to your advantage. Think of where you want to be in one month. One or two changes. It can be anything as long as it is achievable. Some ideas for a transformation are getting a promotion, weight loss, getting a healthier body, fight depression, adding to your resume, save up money, anything!

Now take these changes you want and turn them into goals. For example I’ll use where I want to be as a person in a month. In a month I’d like to lose some weight and become more productive. Now that you have a general goal make it more specific… In a month from now I’d like to lose about 10 pounds. This goal is achievable because I have a number in mind, a way to measure my goal, and it is a reasonable weight to loose for someone who is overweight. In a month from now I’d like to be more productive. I can do this by typing on my blog every day, praying/meditating to clear head space each day, and don’t procrastinate any work that I have to do. Oops! I skipped a head a bit but what I wanted to say is now brainstorm ways that you can achieve this goal. For loosing those ten pounds I can exercise a little bit each day, cut back on bad foods I eat, and drink more water. For productivity I need to set up a list of things I need to do daily to keep me on track.

Transformations are not seen immediately we see them on small scales until they amount on a bigger scale which is seen as our final results. Each day your progress will slowly amount into the end transformation of what you want to be or what you want. Don’t get discouraged by these small progressions, keep at it! Yes it can be a discouraging to see no results after working hard but the truth is when the month is up you will feel so proud to have stuck by your goal. Start your monthly transformation today! It is so simple. Just choose where you’d like to change, make a goal, brainstorm how you can obtain that goal and then each day do a little bit to add to your goal.

For musical inspiration about change check out the following songs:

Changing by Airborne Toxic Event

The Man in the Mirror by Micheal Jackson

Irreplaceable by Beyonce

What songs inspire you to change? Share your goals or ideas for others.

Yours Truly,

Captain Perl